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Did you know that we are all born smiling? It seems rather hard to imagine, but even babies before they are born have been caught smiling on ultrasounds. Therefore, it would seem that smiling is one of the most basic and shared expressions of humans. However, there are many times since we’re born that we find it difficult to smile, but if you’re dealing with tooth loss, you might find that smiling is even rarer for you. If your once beautiful smile has been replaced with tight, close-lipped smirks, let the team at Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group help you smile again with dental implants.

The Solution You’ve Been Looking For

For healthy individuals that come to our practice looking to replace missing teeth, we often recommend dental implants. That’s because they are easy to adjust to because they really act and feel just like real teeth, so there’s no getting used to them. They will feel just like your teeth did before you lost them.
You’ll enjoy a strong, stable bite. You’ll be able to eat the foods you loved that you can’t currently eat with missing teeth. Any awkward speech issues that occurred as a result of your tooth loss will go away. You’ll smile more. You’ll feel more confident. You might even ask for that promotion. There is so much that dental implants can offer you, and our dental team wants to make that possible for you.

A Tooth For Life

What makes dental implants stand out from other options is that once they are placed, they are strong enough to last the rest of your life. This means that as long as you maintain good oral hygiene your implant will stay healthy. We know that this is a key reason adults turn to dental implants.
Even current denture wearers have come into our practice to get dental implants to support their current set of dentures so that they stay firmly in place and function more like real teeth. That’s the great thing about dental implants, our dentists can easily replace one, two, several, or all of your teeth with the help of this amazing restoration.

            Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group is here to help you regain your smile after tooth loss. If you’re interested in getting dental implants from our team of expert dentists, call our Austin, TX office today at (512) 451-7491!

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