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Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group | Dentures Prosthodontics in Austin

Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group

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Dentures Prosthodontics

Dr. Shaw has extensive training for those patients who are in need of dentures. Complete dentures can make a dramatic positive change in a person’s appearance. Through a five appointment step-wise process, the patient can find their expectation regarding the aesthetics of the complete denture met even before they are sent to the lab for completion. Multiple appointments allow the patient to see and request changes as they view their prospective denture with wax trials.

Although dentures can provide a new smile and enhance facial support; bone loss (atrophy) over many years will cause some change, whether imperceptible or severe. Many options exist today to minimize bone loss and enhance the functional aspect of dentures.

Each patient presents with unique variables that affect and determine the overall outcome of their denture. If a complete denture does not meet a patient’s wants/needs/expectations we have the ability and opportunity to go a different direction and improve retention with strategically placed implants to help support and retain a denture(s). The great thing is we can discuss this option after a denture has been made, and simply modify the denture to accept retention elements which are components attached to implants that can be strategically placed in the bone below the denture base.

Austin Dentist | Dentures Prosthodontics. Fredrick Shaw is a Austin Dentist.