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Shoal Creek Prosthodontic Group | Implant Dentistry in Austin

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Implant Dentistry

Dental implants have revolutionized the options available to patients by offering a more stable foundation that enhances and drastically changes the support for the many prosthodontic options available to patients today. Implants can be the foundation to replace everything from a single missing tooth to a full-arch restoration. They can be used to help retain and secure dentures and are used to support ALL removable options, something that has not been available historically. Most importantly, implants can be utilized to help maintain and save bone that is otherwise lost. dental implants services.


There are a number of different implant supported options available:    

  • Single Crowns   
  • Fixed Bridges   
  • Removable Partials and Dentures   
  • Fixed Partials and Dentures

Single tooth replacements supported by implants has transformed the way treatment can be done. In the case of a single front tooth that cannot be restored, the tooth can be extracted and an implant (root) with a crown (tooth) can be placed the very same day. This type of immediate permanent tooth replacement option was not routinely viable before 1981.


Dr. Shaw’s extensive training for both the surgical and prosthetic aspects of implant dentistry is another unique quality that we have to offer our patients. This allows the patient to have this very involved, all encompassing treatment in one office. Our in-house lab completes the experience of having availability for all aspects of the implant process. Our ceramist Steve Shaw can come into the operatory and provide custom shade service for crowns and bridges so that the shade of a restoration can be evaluated in the office. This affords the patient a more accurate shade for their restoration, as the ceramist can visually select the shade in the operatory. Why implants? Unlike other restorative options available, implants are the only option that includes replacement of both the root and the tooth. This is beneficial because substantial support is improved in the area of the missing tooth, which more evenly distributes the forces exerted on the surrounding teeth.


Benefits to using implants for replacement support:

  • Implants act to distribute the occlusal forces more evenly by allowing the replaced root to be loaded with a crown, whereas the replacement tooth on a fixed bridge cannot act to displace forces, as there is no root.   
  • Implants allow for multiple teeth restoration with no visible hardware.   
  • Implants aid in retention of full arch restorations.   
  • Implants help aid in bone retention.
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